JUSTIN BUTCHER studied organ at University College School with Colin Myles, and went on to read Classics Greats at Oxford, where he studied singing with the acclaimed baritone Michael Pearce, and sang in LMH Chapel Choir, and in numerous opera and theatre productions. He trained subsequently at Drama Studio London, studying singing with internationally-renowned operatic soprano Theresia van Sertima and voice with RSC voice specialist Barbara Houseman. He has worked all over the world as director, writer, actor and musician in a vast range of roles and productions in theatre, television, radio and film. He is founding director of North London’s community choir, Vox Holloway, and has been organist and choirmaster of St Luke’s, West Holloway, since 1992. Singing credits in theatre include: Buddy (Victoria Palace & Strand Theatre), Alice in Wonderland (Oxford Playhouse & UK tour), Pericles (Riverside Studios & UK tour) and The End of the Affair (Salisbury Playhouse & Bridewell Theatre). Credits as MD include: Hansel & Gretel (NTC Touring Theatre), The Madness of George Dubya (Arts Theatre), A Weapons Inspector Calls (Pleasance Theatre & New Players), Guantanamo Baywatch (New Players), The Winter’s Tale (Creation Theatre, Oxford) and Cinderella (Unicorn Theatre), as well as numerous radio and TV appearances. He has taught acting and singing at all levels from primary to conservatoire, most recently at Drama Studio London.

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As a very inexperienced and hesitant singer, I have progressed a huge amount in lessons on all fronts as a result of Justin’s tireless and patient skill and encouragement and would certainly recommend him to anyone working towards a dream of achieving the goal of being a much, much better singer.   Mark

I could not recommend Justin more highly as a singing teacher. He combines the ability to energise and inspire his pupils with the technical skills to build their singing ability quickly to a high standard. At the same time, he is a patient and generous teacher who can meet his pupils where they are, build their confidence, and continue working on difficult issues until they attain mastery. Without putting pressure on anyone, he partners with pupils to ensure that they have a rewarding and positive experience whilst continuing to become better and better singers.   Francesca

I started lessons with Justin two years ago. I was very apprehensive at first, worried about making a fool of myself but Justin was very reassuring and positive in his approach, putting me quickly at ease and  making the lesson fun and non-threatening. I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and find them uplifting and empowering. Justin has taught me breathing and muscle control techniques that have hugely improved the tone, quality and range of my voice. I have so much more confidence when singing and always come away from the lessons feeling great. Justin is a first class tutor and I recommend his lessons wholeheartedly.   Jenny

Although I have been singing on and off in choirs for over twenty years I have never until recently had formal one to one tuition. Recently I started lessons with Justin and was surprised to find that with a range of simple techniques I could sing from the belly rather from the chest and I am beginning to find out how to use the back of my throat and skull as resonating devices. The lessons are always fun and we cover a range of classical, folk and blues numbers which even within a short period I began to feel I could do some justice to – every session is without question the highlight of my week.   Tim

I thoroughly enjoy my singing lessons with Justin. He has taken me from a nervous, unconfident singer to one with a much improved voice and much improved breath control. He is an excellent teacher, giving positive and helpful feedback on all aspects of the voice and performance. I have now performed a piece to an audience with 3 other singers and to my astonishment was also able to sing solo.   Chris

I first saw Justin in October 2015 having thought that I could not sing since my voice broke 25 years before. He was very encouraging and I started weekly lessons with him. By early March 2016 I was in a chorus at the Barbican and singing a solo aria from “The Messiah” to a church full of people. Justin has inspired and stretched me and the work we have done together, as well as being enjoyable, has had a positive effect on my self-image. I heartily recommend him as a singing teacher.   Josh

I sang with Justin a while ago now.  I don’t read music but Justin was very positive about my musical ability and didn’t let this get in the way.  The lessons were very relaxed and focused on what I wanted to achieve. If you want a party piece to impress your friends, Justin is your man as he’ll pretty much tackle any genre for you!   Storm

I’m so glad that I decided to take up singing lessons with Justin. His encouragement motivated me to take singing much more seriously. His approach is fun and I found it really easy to relax during the lessons – I’d particularly recommend Justin to singers who lack confidence as he’s a reassuring teacher. I’m grateful to him for enabling me to pursue new singing opportunities and to make singing a bigger part of my life.   Emma