“One of the most remarkable evenings I have spent in the theatre.”  David Suchet

“Timely… Beautifully written… Entertaining…Poignant… A play that doesn’t lack richness. Butcher’s writing shines”  Huffington Post

“A riveting, witty performance with a fine attention to detail”  British Theatre Guide

Sharp, thought-provoking and often funny, and Justin’s performance is spellbinding”  Inspire

A worthwhile and forceful piece of theatre”  The Stage

“A real treat…highly original…genuinely thrilling… Butcher’s skills as a performer take his literate script into the realms of compelling drama…mesmerising”  Blanche Marvin reviews

“A serious and seriously fine piece of writing… It is a startlingly original presentation… it crackles with great lines”  Church Times

We may think we’ve heard the Easter story from every angle imaginable, but… Justin Butcher has added another to the list – a new, engaging play depicting the Passion from the Devil’s point of view.”  Christian Today

The Devil’s Passion is published by Bloomsbury (Methuen Drama)


33 AD. Jesus enters Jerusalem to fulfil his destiny. Satan ascends from Hell to stop him. A battle begins – for the soul of humanity. Framed satirically against a “War on Terror” backdrop of heightened security, fear and surveillance, with Satan as self-styled Intelligence Chief fighting “extremism” in the Middle East in defence of our “freedoms”, the last days of Christ are presented as a counter-terrorism operation by diabolical security forces.

Within the next hour, our operatives will isolate, engage and capture or kill the notorious leader of the most extreme, dangerous and contagious ideology to emerge in the modern era . . . I refer, of course, to the radical preacher and populist demagogue Y’shua Bar-Yessuf – the man known, by way of shorthand to our operatives, as “Jesus”.

“The nuance of Butcher’s writing and the intelligence and rigour of its theology make ‘The Devil’s Passion’ such a worthwhile and forceful piece of theatre … deeply engaged with a radical conception of spiritual reconciliation … theological expansiveness [and] fascinating elasticity of thought.” The Stage & Television Today

The Devil’s Passion is available for booking from Sunday 26th March 2017 – Saturday 15th April 2017. Please contact

From the award-winning writer of Scaramouche Jones and The Madness Of George Dubya, and the award-winning director of Morecambe, Twelve Angry Men and Animal Farm, Passion Pit Theatre presents


THE DEVIL’S PASSION or Easter in Hell

a divine comedy written & performed by Justin Butcher

directed by Guy Masterson

music & sound by Jack C. Arnold

Award-winning playwright Justin Butcher, author of the world-famous “Scaramouche Jones”, starring Pete Postlethwaite & directed by Rupert Goold, the hit anti-war satire “The Madness Of George Dubya” and the controversially acclaimed “Go To Gaza, Drink The Sea”, turns his pen to the greatest story of all.

HB_TDP_013 STABy turns comic, gripping, poetic, and heart-stirring, The Devil’s Passion offers a   radically fresh perspective on the timeless narrative by renowned satirist, playwright and actor Justin Butcher, an audacious hell’s-eye-view of the Passion of Christ from a master storyteller.  Directed by Olivier-Award winner Guy Masterson (“Morecambe”, “Twelve Angry Men”, “Animal Farm”), with a haunting and evocative new soundscape by Jack C. Arnold (“War And Peace”, “Holy Flying Circus”, “The Woman In Black”). 90 mins.

Plaudits for Scaramouche Jones:

Extraordinary solo piece by Justin Butcher … hilarious, picaresque and terrifying” (The Sunday Times)

Unique … stunning … a new kind of theatre” (Metro)

Justin Butcher gives … the finest performance on the Fringe this year … a masterpiece of solo Magic Realism, impeccably written, perfectly performed” (British Theatre Guide)

Justin Butcher is superb in his delivery: engaging, animated, and endearing.” (Adelaide Advertiser)

Butcher’s use of language is sensational … every line dances like dynamite” (Bristol Evening Post)

Justin Butcher’s gloriously elegiac prose … reverberates in the memory” (Irish Independent)

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